Make The Choice! The Mane Choice!

The natural hair growth process is usually going to take place, especially as an infant and toddler no matter what. However, I do feel as though there are some things you can do to either, assist in the process, speed up the process or cause damage. Alot of times, we as new Mommy’s or Mom’s that aren’t familiar with the maintenance of natural hair will unknowingly do things to prevent the hair from growing..

Our regimen: I usually wash and condition McKenzie’s hair about every two weeks. Sunday evening, I’ll wash, condition then put her hair in a protective style for the week. Usually french braids or individual braids or twists. Pony tails usually don’t last. I’ll end up redoing them every morning anyway. Who has time for that? 

    That following Friday evening, I usually take her protective style down. Saturday and Sunday it’s usually out in a fro or I’ll do something loose and simple. Sunday evening, it’s back to a protective style, usually braids (click here for styles). After another week in that style, take down Friday, out on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday evening; wash night again! Consistency is key! 

      I try to share my styles on here so that you guys can get some ideas for your girls. I hope you find it helpful. I look online often for style inspiration. Pinterest and IG have saved my life many nights!! 

      We all see alot of different products circulating around social media and I know it can get expensive especially if you don’t see any progress, I get it! I will say that what works for one won’t always work for someone else. I have to tell people that all the time because I don’t want anyone coming back saying, “well you said”..Yes, I did say; but I also said “xyz”. With that being said, I’ve seen alot of growth since using The Mane Choice. I’ve noticed her hair stays moisturized longer and it looks and feels healthy; which is the goal. 

      Let me know if you purchase these products and how they worked for you!

      Click HERE for The Mane Choice Kid’s Line

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      1. Chantal Calbert says:

        I love this article!! I’m in search for a product that will keep my dry natural hair moisturized. Where can I purchase Mane Choice??

      2. Jenny says:

        Your daughter is the cutest!

      3. Shatoya says:

        Thanks for the post! Do you use all of the products from the kids line?

      4. Kevina says:

        Daily things you do while it’s in protective style. Like your night time routine? Also do you feel smaller braids last longer or twist

        • Acasha says:

          When it’s in a protective style, I usually apply The Mane Choice Hair Butter to it at night before I tie it down with a satin rag and again in the mornings if her rag comes off at night.. Honestly, with my daughters hair, the last about the same. I will say I did small braids this last time and they last almost 2 weeks. I did re-braid her edges once though..

      5. OMG what cuties!!!! They’re perfect product models!

        Coming Up Roses

      6. I feel like there is so much more choice in the US than the UK which makes it really hard and SUPER expensive to get products for all the different types of hair in the house!
        Just found your blog and following you on Twitter

        Emmie xo

      7. Anna nuttall says:

        Beautiful photos and she so adorable. xx

      8. Mae says:

        How fun! I’m in the process of doing a post on hair care for kids too. Thanks for sharing your review! –

      9. Jewels says:

        Your daughter is sooo cute!! I’m not a mother yet, but these are good tips to bear in mind for the future

      10. Cinnamon says:

        I need to practice being more consistent with washing and conditioning my hair.

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