Our FIRST, 1st Day of School

It’s not technically “Back To School” for us; I guess it’s just “Starting School” and McKenzie will be starting in a few weeks! She’s only been in small home daycares since she was a baby so I’m praying this transition will go well. Her safety is my number one priority so I’ll be in constant prayer for her and hope she adapts well; which I’m not too concerned about because she’s a complete social butterfly, unlike me! 

As a first time Mom and with this being her FIRST, 1st day, I plan on taking off work (like most Parents right?๐Ÿค”) so that I can hang around a little bit and make sure she’s ok. Thats probably more for my benefit and SANITY but hey, you only get ONE FIRST, 1st day right? I actually plan on being that pop up Mom since her school isn’t too far from my job..I want the staff there to know I’m pretty hands on when it comes to her and I play no games! Now, I’m also not the naive parent who thinks my child is always innocent so I’m going to let her Teacher know that I’m only a phone call away if needed, but I’m hoping we don’t have those problems!

All in all, I think she’s ready, her maturity level for a three year old is pretty high and academically, I’m sure she could keep up with Kindergarteners at this point..Too bad she just can’t skip right up there..Not trying to rush her or anything but shes going to a Christian school so going straight into Kindergarten would save us 2 years of tuition and expensive uniforms; just saying…

With that being said, how did you chose what school what your child attended? Was it based on where you live or did you chose somewhere out of district? Christian school? Private? Public? Choosing a school is a hard decision especially if it’s your child’s first time going..There are so many questions and concerns. I just want her to be in a safe environment, where she can learning and grow!

Thankfully McKenzie’s daycare teachers have been AMAZING! She is already ahead of the game and recently we’ve been working on writing her numbers and alphabets. You guys only see Kenzie posing for pictures and making videos about hair on her Instagram page and I love that she loves doing that because to me, it’s an outlet to help her build confidence. Not only in her appearance but also in speaking to people; holding her head up and articulating her thoughts. We sometimes have to do multiple “takes” but practice makes perfect, right?!? Sometimes she gets stumbled but I think her little brain is just going so fast so I tell her stop, get your thoughts together and then talk..She’s such a little firecracker! But back to my point; you all see her only on social media but there’s so much more to her personality that you don’t see..She LOVES to help, dance and sing and I sometimes forget she’s only three because of the things she says..

I’m not sure if there is a perfect way to actually prepare for this next chapter in Kenzie’s life so I plan on making her first day really special; I’ll be searching Pinterest for some cool first day of school ideas and tranditions to start..What are some ways you prepared or are preparing your child for their first day of school? 

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  1. Mikki says:

    Kenzie will be fine, she’s smart, confident, and outgoing. My girls attended a small center of about 10 children or less. My oldest attended the center until it was time for kindergarten, then to a Christian School for a year. I was in a good school district so I but enough courage to send her to “big girl” school (she excelled).
    My second daughter attended the same small center until preschool. She was so advanced she was bored with class all the way up to 1st grade. In 2nd grade she finally got a teacher that challenged her with more complex work. With her being so advanced all the things worked on in preschool & kindergarten she had mastered thanks to the owner and director of the childcare center she attended, i also worked with her alot at home so that she could continue to learn and not become stagnant in her learning process. Which brings me to my babygirl, she’s 2 and attends the same small center. I will not be sending her to school until she’s in 2nd grade. She will attend the center until its time for kindergarten, after that I will home school her until it’s time for 2nd grade. No sense in repeating what I’ve already gone through.
    All in all, you’ll be fine Mommy but as you say, be very active and involved in the school (to the point they know you by name and the child that belongs to you), it’ll help!
    Congrats and good luck!

    • Acasha says:

      Aww Thank you so much!! She really is all of the above! And you are definitely blessed to have not one, not two BUT three smart girls! They’re definitely girls to look up to! Great advice! That’s the plan, for them to know us by name!! With your experience, I know you’re making the right decision by homeschooling! Your girls will go far!!

    • Ty says:

      When my oldest left head start. We were in a district that I didnt want her to attend. We chose Christian School as well. She went there until 2nd grade. Then we got an out of district transfer and sent her to public school. She always done well in school. I wish I would have went the same route with my 2nd child. I thought moving into another district she would be fine, but I believe the smaller class setting would hv been better for her up until 3rd grade. That was a stressful year for her, myself and the teachers. I will chose another route for my baby girl (possibly Christian School). Im not sure yet, she’s only 1. Your baby girl will do great things. Keep being the best mom you can be. Im also a pop up Mom!

      • Acasha says:

        Thank you Ty!! You’re another one with 3 great girls! Lord I don’t see how y’all do it and make it look easy ๐Ÿ˜” My plan is Christian School for awhile..Not sure how long but we’ll see how this first round goes! I’m confident she’ll do well but I will still pop up often๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Jeuelle says:

    Oh my goodness, I do remember the first day of school for both of my girls and I still feel a pang in my chest as I remember handing them off to their teachers with their too big backpacks and eager smiles ๐Ÿ™‚ We homeschool but our girls attend a special private school one day a week; it’s an important combination for us and it works well for our family. The girls love the flexibility of homeschooling but they love their class days when they see their school friends. I’m sure your little princess with have an awesome first year ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Acasha says:

      Thats a cool idea..One day a week, gives them social time with peers! Yes, I’ve been looking at backpacks like these will be huge on her little back lol

  3. Britney says:

    I went through this same transition with my daughter, who is my firstborn I chose a daycare close to home and brand new. Safety was a huge issue for me as well. The place had security locks and not just anyone was able to enter. Thankfully, my daughter loved it. Her teachers were really nice. Your daughter will do great! She has a loving, attentive mom to make sure of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best wishes!

  4. Mimi Green says:

    My oldest is headed to the 8th grade. But my baby is starting Kindergarten. Although I’ve been down this road before it has been a long time. I’m far more protective of my daughter than my son.

  5. Awww happy “FIRST” 1st day Kenzie!! Mom, Take lots of pics! Kenzie, Take lots of naps! Lmbo

  6. Tomiko says:

    Madison’s first day was last Friday and my big girl is a fifth grader. It seems like yesterday she was in the first grade. They grow up so fast

  7. Bernetta says:

    I understand how you feel. I have a 4 year old who is going to Pre K 4. I am a tad nervous but I know he will be fine. I hope your daughter has a great school year.

  8. Courtney CJ says:

    Way to go, Mama! Your 3-year-old is clearly full of magic and spunk. I love it. I know whenever I have my own kids I will be the same way because I already don’t play about my students, lol. Best of luck on your Pinterest search and keep praying.

    • Acasha says:

      Thank you!! You’ll be a great Mom! It takes a certain kind of person to be a teacher so kudos to you ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  9. You are doing all the right things. It is so important to let teachers know out the gate that you are an involved parent that will be up at the school upon receiving a phone call. If your daughter needs something that you will advocate for her and she will not be overlooked! We as parents MUST do that for our kids and teachers must know that from jump! It’s also gives the teachers the support that they need should your child step out of line (I have one of those) occassionally. Good luck with your first day!!

  10. Ariel says:

    Aww, I remember this day like it was yesterday. I cried like a baby on the phone with my mom, who thankfully, understood and calmed me down. (She laughed a little!) Kenzie will be just fine. She’ll adjust in her own time and enjoy her experience. Do your best to keep it together, mom!

  11. Valerie Robinson says:

    Wishing you all the best for a successful school year. We still have a couple weeks to go over here, and are scrambling to get shopping done as usual lol!

    • Acasha says:

      Lol Thank you!! She’s in uniform so I guess it’s a little easier, although expensive ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  12. MJ says:

    Congratulations on McKenzie’s first day. Wishing her a great year. Our 4-year-old is in private pre-k right now. We picked the school because it is a Spanish Immersion environment and a second languate is important to us.

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