Emerald City

I know I post about them a lot but I can’t get enough of Target for McKenzie! I’m literally going to have to get a second job to buy this girl every piece. Anything that flows and twirls is a must have for Kenzie. She love to “look a Princess”
Photographing her is just another way we spend time with each other. He personality comes out the more we shoot together and I know she truly enjoys it…Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent? She really is NOT lol

While editing, the next picture is what came to mind for this particular image. She reminded me of a little ballerina so the soft pink and blue skies just made it pop! This is my favorite picture in this dress!She makes taking pictures pretty easy, the way she moves around. I think the movements during this shoot really made the iridescent come out even more…I basically tell her to do something and she just moves..She’s getting to the point to where she knows when to stop and pose. It’s so funny to watch!For some reason, I cannot find the link to this dress on Target.com but if I find it later, I will update this post..It’s by Oshkosh, Genuine Kids! I paired it with a pair of gold flats I found at Marshall’s and her hair was in Bantu Knots, accessorized with gold wire (made to accent hair) wrapped around a twist! 

Don’t you just love Target for your Littles?

Here are a few more shots, on our couch. I just love her💗 

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post or ad! All opinions and photos are my own!

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  1. Natasha says:

    I believe I’ve said this before, but there is a Target within walking distance of my home and I STAY in trouble! My little ones are small enough for the Osh Kosh B’Gosh pieces, but I ALWAYS stop and look at them whenever I go. They currently have a gold/cream line that I love to look at because it’s so vintage! McKenzie looks wonderful as usual, and I love that she is so comfortable in front of the camera!

    • Acasha says:

      Aww thank you!! You might be talking about their Art Class line! It’s the best! Kenzie is still a little young for some of their styles but some she can get by with..

  2. Toni says:

    I love target for girls! Especially when they are that small. I miss it. Once they get older their cloths are cute, but I swear I think they are super cute when their miniature sized!

  3. Okay, Kenzie is the prettiest princess EVER!!! Target (Tar-jaaayyy) is such a great go-to for kids clothes. I love the cute finds I get from there!

  4. Carissa says:

    I LOVE Target for my children! This dress is so pretty and the shoes paired with them are adorable!

  5. Mimi Green says:

    I am obsessed with all things Target. They have so many cute clothes it is impossible to say no. Especially when you have a girl child.

  6. Britt Mont says:

    Aweeee your little girl is adorable!! Keep shopping at Target because they clearly have some fun outfits for her.

    Britt Mont // othersideof25.com

  7. Terri says:

    You’ve got such a photograph princess on your hands. I especially love the second picture. She looks so angelic.

  8. Kasi says:

    She is so cute! Love this outfit and her hair!

  9. ShaBree says:

    She’s so adorable! Target will definitely take all of your coins honey. Lol.

  10. Kristin says:

    Target is absolutely my favorite store!! I literally have to pray before I go in that I don’t buy the whole store! Your daughter is gorgeous and a perfect model! Loved the dress and the shoes!!

    • Acasha says:

      Lol Thank you! I feel you! I think it’s the entire ambiance of the store! It’s so clean, open and inviting! Makes you want to spend all of your coins lol

  11. Tiffany H. says:

    I love Target and if I had children I probably would be in there every week as well. She is so cute and photogenic. Has she been in a Target AD before, I know someone else daughters who has partnered with them.

  12. Jamila says:

    I love love love Target! They have something for everyone and the kid’s clothes are the cutest.

  13. Jonna says:

    I love Target’s clothes for girls. That was the main place I shopped for my stepdaughter when she was young.

  14. Ngumabi says:

    That is a cute dress. The colour is so nice. And she is so adorable as well.

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